Grow your organization with space sharing.

Don’t let your organization’s space hold you back any longer.
Pay for space when you need it, share it when you don’t.

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Do you want to reach your organization’s full potential?

If you have space:

  • Do you use 100% of your commercial space, 100% of the time?
  • Want to increase revenue and cover your overhead?
  • Have you been burned by a space sharing agreement in the past?

If you need space:

  • Not interested in a conventional 5 year lease?
  • Ready to start now at a fraction of the cost?
  • Do you only need space from minutes to months?
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"SpaceTogether makes it easier for me as an owner; it eliminates the outs so we can just focus on training. It simplifies the [space sharing] process."

Coach Chris, Space Provider

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Simplify the space sharing process.

Whether you have space or need space, SpaceTogether helps you manage the process.

Connect with people you can trust.

Finding the right people to share space with is important for everyone. Along the way, we’ve built in features keeping your information safe.

Easy communication, scheduling, and payments.

Messaging is consolidated into a single thread, where you can send single thread, where you can send messages and schedule a tour to see a space. And, when you’re ready, payments are secure and automatic.

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“Why do we have a building we love… and why is it sitting empty? There are a bunch of people that just need a couple hours, a night, and they don’t need a big building, all of the time.”

Katherine, Pastor & Space Provider

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How Space Sharing Works on SpaceTogether

Someone has underutilized space.

Underutilized, unused, whatever you call it, someone’s still paying for it, so they post it on SpaceTogether’s marketplace.

Someone else needs flexible space.

Personal trainers, yoga instructors, karate coaches - and many more don’t need or can’t take on long term spaces.

Renters and providers connect.

Both renters and providers can communicate and schedule the logistics of space sharing through the platform. Built-in features make it so no one is the bad guy in the space sharing experience.

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See it in action

SpaceTogether is built by people like you.

We had a space problem.

For two years our CEO shared space. Through space sharing, he was able to start and grow his organization. Then, they got too big - they had to leave. On the hunt for his own space, he knew that paying for it would be tough. Once they go in the space, they started sharing and advertising it. Truth is, they were able to cover 80-100% of their overhead at any given time, but it was not without roadblocks. Finding the right people and handling space sharing logistics (like payments) was tough.

That’s why we started SpaceTogether.

Learn more about our story.