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  • Colorado Springs, CO
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Great office or work space with amenities like free parking, kitchen access, bathrooms, wifi and utilities included. Close to Highway 24 and I-25. Furniture optional.


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Pricing and Availability

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Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Available
Bathrooms Bathrooms Available
Free Parking Free Parking Available
Furnished Furniture Available
Heating Heating Available
Kitchen Kitchen Available
Meeting Room(s) Meeting Room(s) Available
Security System Security System Available
Utilities Included Utilities Included
Wheelchair Accessibility Wheelchair Accessibility Available
WiFi WiFi Available

Space Details

  • Area: 180 ft²
  • Maximum Capacity: 10
  • Security Deposit (24/7 Rentals): $250

Meet the Provider


Come to Pikes Peak MCC… an inclusive community, rooted in love, that’s committed to spiritual exploration and transforming ourselves and the world.

Founded in Colorado Springs in 1979, Pikes Peak MCC exists to do justice, embrace God’s love for ALL people, and walk humbly with our God.

Sometimes people ask if we’re “the gay church.” No, the church isn’t gay…though many of our members are. We’re a progressive Christian church made up of wonderfully diverse people who are straight, gay, bi, trans, genderqueer, young, old, searching, certain, traditional, and edgy.

We celebrate and embrace people of diverse identities, including race, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, social class, as well as gender identity and sexual orientation. We share a commitment to live out our core values of inclusion, community, spirituality, and social justice.

Our mission is to provide reconciliation, healing and hope for ALL people by:

-Celebrating an inclusive spirituality that respects the diversity of all;
-Experiencing God’s presence through authentic worship and meaningful relationships;
-Fostering a culture that encourages outreach to our community; and by
-Embodying the example of Christ by participating in justice work for the oppressed.
-Pikes Peak MCC is a place for worship… for connection… for hope… We invite you to join us on your own unique spiritual journey.


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