Share kitchen space with qualified, verified people.

Pay for kitchen space when you need it, share it when you don’t.

Space sharing just got simpler. You can find the right people quickly and easily manage your space sharing relationship. With SpaceTogether, you can schedule tours, share documents, and even make payments automatic.

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Is space sharing right for you??

If you HAVE kitchen space:

  • Do you use 100% of your kitchen space, 100% of the time?
  • Want to increase revenue and cover your overhead?
  • Do you want verified renters instead of random people in your space?

If you NEED kitchen space:

  • Not interested in a conventional commercial lease?
  • Do you only need kitchen space one or two days a week?
  • Ready to start now at a fraction of the cost?
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See it in action

SpaceTogether Pricing

Find qualified, verified, people and spaces.

Finding the right people to share space with is important for everyone. Along the way, we've built in features keeping your information safe.

Use easy communication, scheduling, and document sharing tools.

Once the provider accepts the renter, they can send messages and easily schedule a tour. If there are documents, securely share them on SpaceTogether.

No more bad guys with convenient payment processing.

Automatic payment processing makes it easier for both the renter and space provider, and there's an added bonus of secure payments.

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"SpaceTogether as a platform answered the pain points [of space sharing] and solved a lot of problems… SpaceTogether provided what we needed so we could do what we wanted.”

Katherine, Pastor & Space Provider

How Space Sharing Works on SpaceTogether

Someone has underutilized space.

Underutilized, unused, whatever you call it, someone’s still paying for it, so they post it on SpaceTogether’s marketplace.

Someone else needs flexible space.

Bakers, caterers, chefs, meal preppers - and many more don’t need or can’t take on long term spaces.

Space Providers and Renters connect and manage the space sharing relationship from beginning to end.

Renters apply for spaces they're interested in, and the space provider can accept or reject it. If accepted, space sharing tools like messaging, document sharing, and payments speed up the process.

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