Earn up to $5,065 per month from your gym space

Pay for space when you need it, share it when you don’t.

From finding the right people, to scheduling tours, sharing documents, and even making payments, you can easily share space through SpaceTogether’s platform.

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Do you want to share your fitness space?

SpaceTogether is right for you if:

  • Your space isn't used 100% of the time
  • You want verified, qualified renters
  • You want help marketing your space
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"SpaceTogether makes it easier for me as an owner; it eliminates the outs so we can just focus on training. It simplifies the [space sharing] process."

Coach Chris, Space Provider

SpaceTogether Pricing

Make the most of your space.

Share your space during slow periods, or rent out sections when they're unoccupied. You can cover most or all of your building's overhead.

Connect with people you can trust.

Renters are asked to verify their contact info, identity, and a payment method. If they don't verify the details you care about, you can reject their application.

No risk pricing.

See the budget, needs, and verification of renters when they apply. Automatic rent collection is free for providers. You only pay one low monthly fee.

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“I rent space from him… for one night a week to teach my classes. It would not be cost effective for me to have my own location all by myself for as little as I use it. I only need a small slot of time.”

Coach Seth, Space Renter

How Space Sharing Works on SpaceTogether

Someone has underutilized space.

Part of the building isn't occupied all of the time, but the space provider is still paying for it. They post it on SpaceTogether’s platform to earn extra income.

Someone else needs flexible space.

Many fitness professionals don’t need their own space all the time, so they rent on SpaceTogether.

Renters and providers connect.

Both renters and providers can communicate and schedule the logistics of space sharing through the platform. They use messaging, document sharing, and automatic rent collection so they can focus on what they really care about - running their business.

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