Increase your church’s impact with space sharing.

Your underutilized church space can increase your impact on the community.

Do you use all of your church space all of the time?

Don’t worry, countless churches underutilize their space. Think about it: Do you use your auditorium, offices, even lobby all of the time? With space sharing on SpaceTogether, you can have a greater impact on the community with your facility.

How SpaceTogether Works

  • 1. You post your space.
    In as little as five minutes you can create the posting of your underutilized church space. The lobby, kitchen, office, auditorium are all opportunities to increase your impact.
  • 2. Share with your community.
    From social media to your own local networks, share your space posting to help connect with people looking to share space like yours. Don’t worry, we’re also sharing it with people in your community.
  • 3. Connect with renters in your area.
    Verified renters on the platform will reach out to you when they’re interested in your space. Once you agree on space sharing terms, payments are secure and automatic.

Get the most out of your church space