Utilizing Leads

By Becca Chiaravalle

You’ve got space, maybe even a lot of it, that goes underutilized. Now, you’ve got the opportunity to share that space and increase your revenue by lowering your overhead. This is a big game changer for your business, and we’re so glad you’re here!

As a space provider and business owner, you’ve got a lot going on. Managing a business is not an easy task, and we’re proud of all the work you do. We understand how busy your life is and how important it is for you to be intelligent and efficient with all of your business decisions. That’s why we exist--to help you do just that.

We’ve redesigned the structure here at SpaceTogether to make the process even more efficient for you. If you’re ready to learn more about the process and what to do with your leads, keep reading.


The process

As we just mentioned, we’ve undergone serious changes on the structure of the platform in order to help you, awesome space provider, find not just anyone to rent your space, but solid, qualified leads. By strengthening the process, we’ve made it so you can review renters and be more selective about the people that will be renting your space. We’ve broken the lead-based process into 5 steps. Ready?

Step 1: After you’ve filled out your profile to the best of your ability, renters will be able to view your profile. Your space will be open to all renters searching the area that your space resides.

Protip: If you’re confused about your profile, check out this post for tips!

Step 2: If a renter is interested in the space you listed, they have the option to fill out an application. This application has important information for their needs as a renter, including the times and frequency of use, as well as their budget.

Step 3: Once you’ve received applications from renters, they will show up in your dashboard. These are now your leads--yay!


Step 4: Now that you have leads lined up, it’s your turn to look at them carefully to narrow down your choices. You’ll want to look at the information they provided, such as the days, times, frequency, and price. If these don’t work for you, then you will reject the application. If they work for you, then you will accept them and move on from there.

Step 5: Now that you have accepted and/or rejected your leads, you can message and schedule tours with them, getting one step closer to having a renter.

One of the most important parts of this process is making sure that you don’t let the leads sit in your dashboard. The sooner you check out the leads and decide who will work in your space and who won’t, the sooner you can start lowering your overhead!

Before you go

The new lead-based structure allows you to find qualified renters even easier than before by checking out the leads that are given to you in a quick process where all of the information is provided to you.

For organization decision makers who need a commercial real estate solution, SpaceTogether provides the means for connection with verified, qualified individuals because each lead comes with key areas of qualification at a low cost. If you’re ready to get start, head on over to your dashboard and start checking out your leads!

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