Tour Scheduling

By Becca Chiaravalle

Have you used our tour scheduling feature? If you haven't yet, then you'll want to learn all about it because it's about to make your life simpler.

Scheduling a tour through SpaceTogether makes the process of booking a space that much easier for both the renters and providers. First, it minimizes the back and forth between renters and providers while they try to find a date and time to tour. Second, we handle the calendar invite, so no one forgets when the tour is. The tour scheduling feature simplifies the space sharing process for you, saving you time and hassle.


So, how does it work?

There are five easy steps to schedule a tour. Ready?

Step 1: First, space renters must apply for a space, and that application must be accepted by providers. Based on the information in the application (date, time, budget, etc.), providers can decide if the prospective renter is a good fit for their space. If the provider thinks they could be a good fit, the space renter's application is accepted! From there, the renter can initiate scheduling a tour within the messaging portion of the site.

Step 2: To begin the scheduling process, the space renter will fill out the preferred date and time of touring. This can be negotiated.

Step 3: Providers can either approve, reschedule, or decline the tour under the “Space Bookings” section. Note that if one party reschedules, the other will have to go back and accept the date and time a second time to confirm the new meeting. 

Step 4: During this step, space providers and space renters communicate to agree on a date and time. Once they do, they get a calendar invite so no one misses details!

Step 5: The best step: meet, talk, and see the space!

Please remember to confirm your tour date and time before meeting.



Before you go

Growing your organization with space sharing is possible. Whether you need flexible space or want to share existing space, SpaceTogether exists to simplify the space sharing process from beginning to end. Learn more here to see if your organization is a good fit.

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