Top Nine Reasons to Share Space

By Becca Chiaravalle

Space sharing is simple. A renter needs space, a provider has it, and both want to be as financially efficient as possible. Thus, they share space.

While it’s a simple supply and demand situation, there are questions and doubts about making it happen. We get itnothing this involved can seem so simple, but we think it can be.

If you’re not convinced to share space yet, these nine reasons will convince you.


#1 Lower that overhead

What’s your current overhead? Let’s say $3,000/mo. You’re in the office (gym, church, etc.) ~9 hours a day, ~5 days a week. We’ll call that ~45 hours a week that you use your space. Now, you pay for 24/7 use, a whole 168 hours a week. (We’re counting the late/early hours because you may not thrive during those hours, but a lot of people do!)

So, let’s look at these numbers a little closer. Using your space 45 hours out of 168 hours is only 26% of the time. Looking even closer, this means that you’re paying $3,500 even though you’re using your space for $910. That’s a really high overhead for the actual usage.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Sharing your space for one day a week ~$150/day* would lower your overhead $600 each month. We’ll say it again: One day a week.

*pricing varies by location, type, and other factors

#2 Utilize that space

Remember the above scenario? The one where you are in your space 26% of the time? You’re not the only one (hence, why we made a company for people just like you). Space goes severely underutilized day in and day out, worsened especially by the pandemic. When companies or nonprofits lose enough money or go out of business, they’re oftentimes forced out of their commercial space, allowing that space to go unoccupied for any length of time.

Space sharing helps prevent that. Once your overhead is more affordable, the risk of losing your space significantly decreases, which is why we're here.

#3 Make those connections

“Making connections and networking is bad for you!” said no one, ever. 

You know the benefits of making professional and personal connections already, but you also know that sometimes it can be difficult. Space sharing is yet another avenue to encourage those connectionseven if you don’t end up sharing space with the individual you meet on 

#4 Help someone out

I know, you’re not going to use SpaceTogether only to help other folks out, but this is on the list because helping others out is wildly underrated. When you use SpaceTogether, you help your business, but you’re also helping other businesses continue to thrive in this market. That means something. 

The adage collaboration, not competition is one we find has much value in it. 

#5 It’s easier to find than you think

We don’t go out of our way to do difficult things (right?), so when we hear “finding someone to share space with sounds way too hard,” then we have to jump in.

It’s easier than ever.

You sign up, you customize your search, and you find the right match. No community boards, no word-of-mouthjust our technology and expertise.

#6 Pay for what you use (and only that)

This one is for the potential renters out there. Your budget might be discouraging. You might tell yourself in those moments, “No way I’m going to find commercial space with what I’m able to pay!” This might be true if you’re only looking for a five-year lease.

But here’s the good news: You don’t need a rigid five-year lease to get your business up and running.

I’ll say it again: You don’t need a five-year lease.

What you need is a place to grow your business with flexible options, AKA, space sharing.

#7 Your dining room table isn’t your office

It’s been a rough year. Personally, my home office, dining room table, and outdoor coffee patios aren’t cutting it. I miss my designated place to think, create, and connect. 

It’s time to separate your home life from your office life and find your next shared space.

#8 Money saved is money ready to grow

How much of your budget is your overhead taking up? I’m guessing that percentage is higher than you’d like it to be. If you find yourself dreaming of 100 other areas you’d like to invest your business’s budget in, then it’s time to share space.

Money saved on space can go to passion projects, employees, or the risks you’ve believed in but haven’t had the capital for. 

Your growth is often dependent on how wisely you allocate your funds, so let’s get wise and share your space.

#9 It’s the only customizable solution for everyone involved

  1. Time 
  2. Budget
  3. Location
  4. Frequency of use
  5. Amenities 
  6. Flexibility in business type

Those are a few of the ways renters and providers customize their experience to find what they’re looking for in a shared space situation. One of the highlights of the site is the ability to negotiate these terms if you’re willing to make something work.


Before you go

Questions about shared space math or possible connections? Send us an email or DM on social media. We love hearing from you.

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