Top 5 Technologies All Business Leaders Need to Know About

By Becca Chiaravalle


The rapid growth of technology over the last thirty years alone has been an incredible foundation on which businesses are changing. We are now able to reach an infinitely larger audience, target a specific audience, and work faster and more efficiently. Truly, it’s been an amazing technological period. The best part? Business technology is still growing. Everyday we see different technologies appear and change the way people market, advertise, and invent.

With the evolution of technology and creation of various types of tools, it can become, dare I say, overwhelming. So, it’s easy to fall into the routine of the technologies that we are most comfortable using, paying little attention to what’s new. It makes sense. We don’t all have the time, resources, or energy to spend on trying every new tool, technology, or process that comes out.

But just as recent inventions of the last decade have helped transform your business, future ones have the same ability. That’s why we decided to do a technology check, and see what technology trends in business are killing it right now. We try it out, so you don’t have it. Keep reading to find out the top 5 technologies all business leaders need to know about.

Technology trends in business

1. Personalized Marketing


As many businesses already know, targeting everyone isn’t the best strategy to market your product, no matter what it is. Sometimes, this can target the opposite population, getting you nowhere but a bigger hole in your pocket. Technology has changed that though. You can target your ideal audience in quite a few different ways:

  • Data analysis and automation

  • Social media

  • Using social media influencers to endorse your product

  • Personally interacting with customers

2. Communication tools for you and your team


This is an area that can get quite overwhelming, as there are so many, literally so many, apps and tools for the trades. But there is beauty behind these ideas. These are some of our favorite apps keep us impressively organized, on task, and communicative:

  • Slack for communication with team. This way, you don’t have to get up or talk to anyone when you’re at your busiest. Slack allows you to turn off notifications, so you can respond when you’re ready.

  • Asana for task organization. This gives you a clear picture of your actual workload, so you can time manage appropriately and concentrate on the most important tasks.

3. Track time

This is far more important than people attribute it to be. When you track your time with each task, you’re able to have a realistic understanding of what takes the most time and energy during your day. Having this knowledge can help you delegate less important tasks that are consuming your day, and what time of the day you are most efficient.

  • Toggle: this time tracking app is awesome for personal or team use. They have a free subscription with more than enough features, but their premium option is also fantastic as it has far more options. You can do a 30 day trial with their premium option. The free option gives you detailed reports of usage and can detect when you’re idle. It may be eye-opening but will ultimately help you detect when you are the most productive.

4. Use an online help desk

Trying to manage your own help desk can be draining. It’s a lot of work that, as a business leader, you probably don’t have time for, nor do your already super busy employees. That’s why we, among many other businesses, use an online help desk.

  • Intercom: Using intercom is a game changer, and we are a little obsessed. It’s fine. It’s super helpful for all of the users on our page that need help, and keeps requests and messages accountable and organized. By doing so, we are able to go back and look at the data, finding where we need to make changes for process improvement. Not only does it help us make those changes, it’s also great for the customer, as the fixes are rapid, and they don’t have to wait for us to manually check it out.

5. Embrace the hacks

Life hacks are awesome, but business hacks are major. People (us included) are always throwing out protips and hacks, but are you listening to them? There’s a reason people are spreading the word. Some of the major tips going around are serious game changers for productivity, as the time you would normally spend doing certain tasks are significantly cut.

  • Lastpass: This password saving account holds all of them. All the passwords. This is great for personal accounts and business accounts. No more searching for the post-it with your passwords or using the same password. You can create long, safe passwords for each site you use--stress free.

  • Gamification: If you’re not familiar, gamification is the incorporation of game-like techniques in marketing. Because of its inherently fun nature, it has proven to improve engagement with users.

  • Cut meetings and get better at collaborating: Meetings are necessary, but if you keep track of how much time you spend in meetings a month, you’ll find that a lot of productive time is wasted this way. Instead, get familiar and comfortable with communication tools, like asana and slack, to better coordinate tasks and ideas. If you cut your meetings during the month in half, how much time could be spent working on amazing projects?

  • Automation--specifically, tools like Buffer: Buffer is a social media planning platform that allows users (personal or business) to upload their content to be posted on their respective platforms at whatever date and time of your choosing. Pretty nifty if you ask us.

  • Space sharing: What’s that? You’re probably asking. Space sharing is an awesome way to rent out whatever extra space your business has, helping to cover your overhead. For more information, check out this post.

Before you go


Embracing new technology is one of the best moves you can make for your business as it can make a huge difference in productivity and efficiency for you and your team. So, don’t wait any longer. Get on board and try out these technologies.

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