The Definitive Guide to Space Sharing

By Becca Chiaravalle

Somewhere, behind a computer, is an entrepreneur that needs a flexible space to get their business off the ground. Somewhere else, not far away, is a business owner with an extra office that is absolutely perfect for the entrepreneur’s needs.


But the question becomes, how will they find each other?

The answer is simple, through SpaceTogether! Growing your organization with space sharing is possible. Whether you need flexible space or want to share existing space - SpaceTogether exits to simplify the space sharing process from beginning to end.

Once you’ve decided that space-sharing could be a great option for your business, you’ll probably have questions, concerns, and an overall sense of confusion. We’re here to tell you that it’s not nearly as difficult as you may be thinking, and this guide will help you figure out how to share commercial space successfully!

Step 1

Take a good, long look at your space. Is it ready to share? What can it be used for? Have you thought about everything that it entails? What will you have to do to your space to make it ready for a renter? Once you’ve researched and feel confident that your building is a good fit for shared commercial space, then you’re ready to move onto step 2!


Step 2

When you sign up for SpaceTogether, make sure you are filling out your profile to the best of your ability. This means taking the time to write out a detailed description of your space and take excellent photos. You’ll want to make sure that your information is clear and thorough. If this sounds like it’s way off track for you, that’s okay! We’ve got the perfect blog post to help you take some cool photos that will wow all of your potential renters.

There’s a reason we encourage you to have an outstanding profile. When you take the time to make it shine, it literally stands out to renters. If you take care of your space but your posting doesn’t reflect that, then there’s no way for the renter to know that. So give yourself the best chance at finding a great renter, and fill out your profile!

Step 3

Once your profile is set up, you’ll want to consider what kind of professional would work well in your space. This is good information to advertise on your profile.

Next, you’ll want to consider the kind of person you want in your space. Do you want them to be a part of a specific kind of industry or organization? Do their values and goals need to align with yours? If you’re confused on this concept or would like some more explanation, this blog can clear it all up for you.

Thinking about your renter will help you decide who would make the best fit when you start receiving applications from renters.


Step 4

Once you’ve accepted an application, toured, and are ready to start sharing space, then it’s time to put your communication skills to work. You’ll most likely be in communication often with your renters, so maintaining a healthy, professional relationship is imperative to creating a successful time of space sharing.

There are quite a few areas where you can work on being a good space provider. First, set boundaries and rules for your renter. It’s important to have house rules to make your expectations clear. Then, practice good communication. Having an open line of communication saves you time and hassle later on.

Step 5

One of the most important parts of space sharing is what you do once it’s over. I know, that sounds kind of backward, but this is where you will begin to reflect on the experience and see where you will make changes for the next space sharing adventure.

At the end of the process, you’ll be prompted to rate your renter, and they will be prompted to do the same for you. This is where you will share feedback. Though this may not seem like the most important, this will help you and your former renter grow.

Sharing feedback is necessary for growth and will ultimately make the space sharing process easier until finally, you’re a pro!

Why do we have these steps?

Space sharing isn’t the most difficult process to ever exist, but why make it harder than it has to be? Taking the time to understand the process and use this guide will help you be the best space provider you can be, making the process seamless and successful.


Before you go

Grow your organization with space sharing. From finding qualified, verified people to share space with to getting the details set up, SpaceTogether is here to help you along the way. As you can see from this guide, space sharing can be simple, so get your first posting complete at this link.

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