SpaceTogether Pricing Guide

By Becca Chiaravalle

The SpaceTogether pricing structure has a few different options, uniquely designed for space providers and renters, and their various needs. We’re going to break it down by renters and providers, so you can jump straight to whatever section best suits your situation.

Space Providers

We have a few different payment options for space providers: pay as you go or subscription. Each are dependent on how you will use SpaceTogether, but subscriptions have more value.

SpaceTogether Pricing Options


The pricing structure for space providers depends on whether or not they have an active subscription and the type. There are two types of subscriptions, basic and premium. A basic subscription is $10 a month, brings the posting fee from $25 to $15, and allows you to accept as may single-use leads without charge. A premium subscription is $35 a month, includes the posting fee, and allows you to accept as many leads of any type without charge. The key difference is in the cost of leads and postings.


When providers receive an application, it’s called a lead. Providers have three options once they’ve reviewed the lead and decided whether or not the terms align with what they’re looking for in a renter:

  • Accept: the flat fee to accept a lead is $35 unless the provider has a subscription. Accepting a lead gives the provider access to the contact information of the renter, so they can begin messaging and setting up tours.
  • Counter: if most of the terms align, but maybe the budget isn’t what the provider was hoping for, the provider can send a counter offer for free.
  • Reject: if the information provided from the lead doesn't seem like a good fit, then the provider can reject the lead for free.

The average lead is worth over $15,000, so, ultimately, $35 is a only a small percentage to pay compared to the return.


Through our referral program, you can earn money by helping people you know share their space. It’s simple. If you’re a space provider and you know someone who might want to share space, then head over to our referral page. From there, you’ll give us their email address, and we’ll send them a quick note about what SpaceTogether can do for their organization. When they sign up and post their space, you’ll receive $10 deposited straight to your account, and they’ll receive a $10 discount on their posting. Win-win for everyone. And remember, to receive referral credit, you’ll need to set up your payout information.



With a subscription, your posting will not only cost less, but the overall cost to accept leads drops as well. So if you receive multiple leads that you want to check out without accepting a fee, then a subscription is a good option for you.

Space Renters

Pricing is even more simple for renters on SpaceTogether. Renters sign up for free, like providers, so they can see if there is space in their area. They are able to search the site to find what they are looking for, and they only pay once they’ve decided to apply for a space if the provider has requested an application fee to cover background or financial checks.

After they have applied, have been accepted, and begin sharing space, renters have the option to use SpaceTogethers automatic payment processing. This is the safest option for renters and providers, and it ensures that the agreed price with the providers can never be changed without their knowledge and consent. For more information on payment processing, see this blog post.

Here’s the price breakdown for a renter:

  • Signup: Free
  • Application: Price set by provider
  • Payment processing: 5% of monthly price

Before you go

Our pricing structure is designed with our renters’ and providers’ best interest in mind. We’ve designed the technology to make it more simple and secure than before. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to click on the bottom right corner to start a chat with a space specialist.

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