Church Growth Strategies from a Pastor Who's Been There

By Justin Knapp

Church growth strategies that work

As a pastor, one of the most important things that you are trying to do is grow your church (in many types of church growth, which includes more than just church attendance). You got into this because you have a passion for people and a calling for building community. But maybe no one told you it was going to be this challenging to grow your church, or maybe they did, but you felt called to continue despite the warnings. Regardless, it seems like you’ve tried many church growth strategies, everything from events to outreach and even member benefits. You’ve probably spent many hours working with your team trying to figure out how to grow internally, but again, it’s just doesn’t seem to be working. At least not as much as you had hoped.


All of the fear and frustration is completely understandable to me because I’ve been there. I’ve felt the disappointment that comes with feeling like you aren’t moving. 

My name is Justin Knapp, and I’ve been in ministry since I was 19 years old. When I planted my church, I went through this exactly, and there were times when I felt like we were stuck or just moving at too slow of a pace. Experiencing this and knowing the culture we wanted to cultivate, I went in search of fresh ideas for church growth. I found the solution in SpaceTogether, the church growth strategy that works.

See how Katherine has grown her church with space sharing:

Here's how space sharing as a church growth strategy works

Think about how much space you’re using in your church building; think about the number of days and how many hours during those days. If you break down the time you are actually utilizing your space relative to the amount of money you’re spending, you’re going to find that a lot of money is going to waste. I don’t have to tell you that money is one of the most limited resources in a growing church. You know there isn’t any money to waste.

Your limited resources might be holding your church back from the growth you are looking for, but I’ve got a solution for you: church sharing. Take a look at some of the benefits of church sharing:

  1. Financial: Depending on your budget and how much time and space you have available, space sharing can spread your dollar or completely cover your overhead. When I was experiencing similar issues with my church, we decided to space share. Now we are covering anywhere from 60-100% of our overhead. This has been critical for creating room in the budget to devote to projects and our passions.

  2. Impact: Opening up your space is how you impact the overall economy of the community by allowing business owners to enter your doors and work towards their passions, at a fraction of the cost. Think about the things you are passionate about as a leader. See if there are people in your city doing those things, then form partnerships, and engage on that level about the things that they need.

  3. Demand: The demand for space is present in your city. It might surprise you to know how many people in your community are looking for a space to start their organization, such as other church planters, therapists, or social advocacy groups.

  4. SpaceTogether: Finding people with these needs is difficult on your own, so that’s why we used SpaceTogether. You don’t have to worry about finding good renters or trying to coordinate payments. SpaceTogether does all of that for you, making the process of growing your church that much easier.


Getting started

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to grow your church, then let SpaceTogether help. SpaceTogether provides a platform for open communication on both sides, so that you’re able to create meaningful, trusting relationships with members of your community, while saving your already limited resources.

It can be a challenge to try something new, but this is the kind of challenge that forms the bridge between your congregation and the rest of the community, allowing for the building of small businesses, nonprofits, and the growth of your church.

Before you get started, I want to remind you of a few things. As a church leader, you have the ability to make a positive financial impact in your church, as well as an important impact on your community. SpaceTogether truly cares about impact in your church and your community. Let them help you make that impact. From finding qualified, verified people to share space with to getting the details setup, SpaceTogether is here to help you along the way. You can sign up to implement this church growth strategy here.


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