Sharing Space Safely

By Becca Chiaravalle

There’s a dilemma that’s shaking the nation, sending business owners home with their doors closed, key in hand. We all know what it is: Covid-19. We don’t need to tell you the effects it’s had on the economy and families alike. We’re here with some good news though, which is precisely what we all need right now. 

You don’t have to close your doors. We’ll say it again… You don’t have to close your doors. You can still share your space and cover your overhead during all of this, as long as you do it safely. Let’s go over why you’re able to share space and how it’s possible to do it safely.

Why it’s safe to share space

Every space is different, so the level of safety in each building is dependent on the size and shape of the space. 

For example, churches are equipped facilities with many different types of space that serve different purposes. Churches have shared kitchens, classrooms, gyms, and auditoriums. In a time like this, gyms and auditoriums are excellent spaces for group work or classes. In an auditorium, groups can maintain a safe six feet distance between each other while still fitting a good number of people in an area. This is excellent for important meetings or learning pods, which you can learn more about here.

One of the key aspects of space sharing safely is the communication. When all employees, friends, clients, and customers are communicating with each other, the risk of spreading the virus is increasingly diminished. If someone doesn’t feel 100%, it’s okay to not participate or be around others. Bottom line is that sharing space safely is possible when everyone communicates responsibly.

The type of space and levels of communication impact the safety of running a business or organization, and this is no different when sharing space. If you have a plan for your gym or church in keeping the area safe and sanitized (see below for guidelines on how to do this), then extending this plan to someone you trust to share space with is the safest way to keep your doors open. The extra income from sharing space, whether it’s sharing your own space or saving on a lease by renting space, is more important than ever as we acclimate to this climate of fluctuation.

Sharing safely is possible! Below, we’ve adapted the CDC guidelines to a quick list, so you can easily go back and reference and get your shared space in top shape to share once more.

How to do it

Sharing space safely is completely dependent on how you implement safety measures. By following these four measures, you ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, your clients, your congregation, and anyone who enters your space. It’s going to take work to consistently maintain these standards, but by doing so, you’ll be able to keep your doors open.

  • Routine disinfection
    • Your space should be disinfected with the proper materials every day, especially shared surfaces like door handles, bathrooms, etc.
    • Avoid sharing anything unnecessary, like pens, computers, etc.
  • Create health etiquette and guidelines for your space
    • Masks are encouraged everywhere and mandatory in many places, and we recommend the use of them depending on your location, air ventilation, and maintainable distance.
    • This also means guidelines for washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping six feet of distance between other individuals
  • Create an environment for open communication
    • If someone (employee, client, whomever) is feeling unwell or has been exposed, they need to feel safe enough to express this without fear or burden
    • If someone doesn’t understand these guidelines, try to impart the message that although information isn’t perfect, everyone is doing their best to keep this virus under control, and together we can keep our businesses and each other alive by communicating and trusting existing safety measures

Of course there are more safety measures you can take, but this short list can help keep your space safe, so you can share space and keep your doors open.

For more information about safety tips and standards during Covid-19, you can visit the CDC website, where we adapted many of these measures. For questions about this list or sharing safely, feel free to reach out to our team

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