Maybe We're Using Our Gyms Wrong - Needing or Owning a Gym

By Becca Chiaravalle

Maybe you’ve got a pretty big gym and you’re wondering if you can use that space to make a little extra money - AKA you're currently owning a gym. Maybe you’re looking for a place to train some of your athletes or clients without having to rent commercially. Either way, it’s time to look at gyms a little differently.

Gyms are abundant with opportunity if we’re willing to look at them that way. A gym specialized in a particular sport like CrossFit or boxing isn’t limited to that sport and can be used for a variety of fitness types. We’ve seen this variety all over our platform and have seen different sports operate out of these buildings. We want you to know that if you have a gym or are looking to rent one, your options look good. Like really good. You’re not stuck with one type of fitness, nor are you stuck with fitness at all.

It’s time to accommodate the expert, not just the industry. We’ve listed different types of uses for those in the fitness industry and those who are not--all of whom are able to utilize gyms for their professional endeavors. Ready?


Fitness uses

If you’ve got a gym, you’ll most likely be able to accommodate these different types of fitness professionals, depending on the type of equipment you carry in your gym. If you’re looking for space and you fall into one of these categories, remember that all it comes down to is how much space you need and what kind of equipment you may need.

  • Personal training
    • Personal trainers may require barbells, dumbbells, TRX, or other types of equipment. The means that personal trainers operate well outside of the standard gym, and could thrive in a boxing or CrossFit gym. Since they’re typically training one person at a time, they don’t take up a lot of space and are generally done within an hour or two per client.

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  • Coaching
    • Are you a lifting coach? Strength training? Try working out of a CrossFit gym since they typically have Olympic and powerlifting capabilities as well as regular dumbbells.

    • What about specific sports? You can actually rent a gymnasium from a church if you’re coaching basketball, or rent other types of gyms for strength training. This can be a great option for youth sports.

    • Coaching specialties like kettlebells? Again, try a CrossFit gym. Not all are open all times of the day or weekends, so you have options of whether or not you want to train individuals personally or teach classes.

  • Yoga

    • Believe it or not, you don’t need the most beautifully designed studio to teach yoga. In fact, that can get really expensive if you’re new to teaching or aren’t ready to open your own studio.

    • What you truly need is a space to lay down a few mats and some peace and quiet for easy meditation (not that meditation is ever easy).

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    • I mean, let’s take it back historically a little bit. Do you think ancient yogis only practiced in rooms with nice hardwood floors and natural lighting? Probably not. Many gyms are suitable for yoga if you’re looking for space.

    • Let’s say you DO have a yoga studio. Sweet! Did you know that you can have dance classes in your studio? So, calling all dance teachers, check out the yoga studios on the platform!

  • Kids classes or local groups

    • Do you have an athletic club? Or maybe a youth groups that try to do fitness activities from time to time? Renting from a gym can be an excellent way to do these activities whether they’re once a week, once a month, or once a quarter.

  • Workshops for fitness

    • If you lead workshops in lifting, yoga, kettlebells, or any other type of fitness, renting from a gym for a day is an excellent way to reserve an awesome spot in a city you may not be familiar with, giving you time to market your event way ahead of time.

Not so fitness uses (but just as awesome)

These three areas are still health-related and can be a great opportunity to pair with a local gym and create exposure for both businesses.

  • Nutritionist/dietician

    • If you’re one of these and looking to expand your client base and have somewhere to work out of, consider working out of a local gym.

    • Typically those who are working out also care about what they’re eating and can have trouble meeting their goals, so this is an excellent place to start.

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  • Massage therapists

    • Consider renting a room, office, or section from a gym. This partnership could be beneficial as athletes could always use muscle relaxation.

    • This could also be great while the gym is closed (such as evenings or weekend, depending on the gym), as it offers a quiet place to bring clients.

  • Chiropractors

    • Similar to massage therapists, athletes offer a high clientele for chiropractors since they use their body so much and may be looking for an adjustment.

    • This partnership could bring in clients on both sides, ensuring a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Before you go

Gyms go underused even though they have the potential for such dynamic use - we have to think about owning a gym differently. They’re beneficial for those in the fitness industry and even those who aren’t. So if you have a gym, consider opening it up to the different possibilities--even outside of the industry. This can bring in revenue and help expand your network as you meet different types of professionals in your city. And if you’re a coach, teacher, training, or leader looking for space, remember how dynamic a gym can be.

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