Make Your Space Work For You... Not the Other Way Around

By Brett Farrow

SpaceTogether Product Updates Are Here

A year ago, we started building a platform to support businesses with commercial space. As we’ve worked with various users from across multiple industries, we’ve realized the opportunity we have in equipping businesses to find the right space.

We just launched new updates to the SpaceTogether platform, and we could not be more excited. If there’s one word to describe these updates, it’s simplicity. By working with people like you, we have greatly simplified the process to either become a Space Provider or to rent a space and everything in between.

Here are the top features we’ve updated to help more businesses:

😎 Improved experience

With changes to our home page, navigation, search page, and live chat integration, our users can navigate throughout the site with ease. And, if you ever have a challenge, we’re in the corner of your screen to help!

📈 Customer Support Tools

You can directly chat with our team with the click of a button. Throughout the site, we’ve integrated prompts to help you use the website even better than before.

🔎On-Site Search Improvements

We’ve upgraded our search capabilities as well as filtering options. These improvements help people looking for space narrow down their needs more effectively.

📷Upgraded Posting Experience

Now, you can post space in as little as five minutes. Throughout this process, your information will be saved. It’s now much simpler to do everything from uploading photos to editing active postings.

💾Document Storage and Upload Simplified

Now, users can upload and store documents. This helps decrease the amount of external contact needed to connect space renters and providers.

🙌Dashboard and Profiles Updates

The new user dashboard and profiles are designed to help our community better connect with each other and keep their information up to date. You can also see what information other users have shared to verify their identity.

🤩 Profile Verification

In an effort to promote security on the platform, we’ve integrated new verification measures for users. We’re always looking for opportunities to build security into the user experience and will be integrating even more profile verification opportunities in the future.

As we look at the next round of site improvements, know that our only goal is to help businesses; let it be churches looking for space, someone with an idea, people looking to grow, individuals challenging the norm of their industry, we’re here to help. We’re so inspired by the people we have the opportunity to work with and find solutions for.

If there is ever a moment you have a challenge with the platform, we’ll be right in the corner of your screen waiting to address your questions! 👏🙌👋

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