In Conversation with Paul Lessard: New Partnership

By Becca Chiaravalle

You’ve probably heard the news by now, but if you haven’t, I’ll take a quick moment to fill you in. Recently, we signed a partnership with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Our brand new partnership will improve the SpaceTogether experience for renters and providers alike, offering enhanced advertising, payment processing, and licensing agreements. For all of the details on the new partnership, check out our blog post “New Partnership” 

But we’re here today to chat with Paul Lessard, one of our new partners in the Enterprise Offering. In this interview, Paul will share how he ended up right here with SpaceTogether and how he’s here to share space and make a difference in his organization. 

Let's meet Paul

Please tell us a little about yourself. What organization do you work for?

My name is Paul Lessard and I live and work remotely out of Colorado. I work for the Evangelical Covenant Church. I am the Executive Minister of Start and Strengthen Churches. We plant churches and tend to the health and wellbeing of the local congregation.

How has the current climate affected what you do?

Our work is very relational and is centered around assessment and training events. We have had to recontextualize our work and move everything online.

How do you think it will continue to change what you do?

We will be “bilingual” moving ahead with all of our training happening on both the in person as well as digital space - once we are able to be together in person once again.

What has been your organization’s biggest struggle through 2020? How have you sought to fix it?

We have a very brick and mortar culture and moved our entire workforce online. Though all contact has been through Zoom or phone calls, I have sought to be more high touch with staff.

Now, let’s talk about space sharing…

How did you discover space sharing?

Justin reached out to our organization to begin the conversation, but curiously, I had heard about him and Spacetogether just a week or two before as they meet at a social gathering

What are you most excited about with the partnership?

The value SpaceTogether brings to our local churches and church plants.

How do you plan to use SpaceTogether to rebuild and rework?

ST will help our churches survive by providing an additional income stream. In addition, as we move back to planting churches, ST will help us solve some of our space needs for those new works.

We couldn't agree more about the value SpaceTogether can brings to churches, and we're humbled that Paul is ready to work with us in creating dynamic solutions to our current and unique situations. Before you go...

We want to thank you so much for checking in and reading this interview. We know that revamping the way your organization runs has been a challenge to say the very least; we especially appreciate Paul’s description of recontextualizing what he does to adapt to the ever-changing landscape we're in. Paul’s journey to SpaceTogether is a reminder that the changes we make today aren’t just to get through these times, but to thrive through them, and come out the other side with new experiences and capabilities.

Our partnership is the next big step in the expansion of space sharing, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. This partnership offers more spaces and options to renters, with an even more impressive reach with our advertising. Moreover, the licensing agreement and payment processing we offer keeps everyone involved safe.

We’re especially excited about this partnership because of the opportunities that the entirety of the Evangelical Covenant Church brings to the platform. The multitude of opportunities through the sheer number of spaces joining SpaceTogether creates the potential for more space matching than ever. We’ve created these long-lasting partnerships to expand for all of our users, bringing renter and provider together with ease. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, or view more details in our partnerships post.

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