How to Utilize Your Network

By Becca Chiaravalle

Whether they are fresh to the game or highly experienced, nearly every business has one thing in common: They want to grow.

And it’s no secret that networking is a sure-fire way to make this happen. 

As important as it is, networking can feel tricky, time-consuming, and sometimes fruitless, no matter what stage your business is in.

Whether you’re trying to simply grow your business or network to help share space, this blog will outline some of the fundamentals of networking, as well as provide some additional tips to help your organization expand in an authentic and successful way.


Build Your Network 

In order to utilize your network to grow and share space, first you need to build out your network, and we all know this is easier said than done. 

Networking comes easily to some people, but it doesn’t always seem natural. One of the biggest professional turn-offs is engaging in a conversation with someone and realizing they’re trying to use you or form a connection simply to benefit themselves. 

We’ve all been there. But it does beg the question, how can I authentically build a network?

Below are a few of the most important aspects of building a network:

  • It’s always time to network. This doesn’t mean you should speak to everyone you meet as if you’re trying to form a business partnership with them. Quite the opposite. When you form a connection, take note of who they are and what their pain points are, so you can reach out later if you come across something that might help them. Networking, after all, isn’t a one-way street.
  • No one is unimportant. One of the biggest mistakes in forming connections is making an initial judgment of whether or not someone is going to help benefit you based on their title or position. Leave the judgments behind, because you’ll eventually find that everyone has their strengths, and it’s not always going to be presented the first time you talk to them.
  • Be present and intentional. Arguably one of the most important aspects of networking is to treat the conversation you’re in as if it’s the most important conversation you’ll have all day. Most people can read between the lines through your body language and word-choice. They can see if you’re impatient, uninterested, or phony. That’s not how you want to be remembered, so be yourself.

By practicing these habits, you’ll create a foundation for networking, and this will help you as you go on to utilize that network.


How to Utilize Your Network for Space Sharing 

Once you’ve built a solid network, it’s time to utilize it to help you share space, whether you’re looking as a space renter or space provider. 

Here are three tips to help you utilize your network and begin sharing space as soon as possible:

  • Use your social media accounts. Yes, all of them. By sharing your postings or profile (if you’re looking for a space) on your social media accounts, your reach just got that much wider. It’s as simple as posting and letting your community know that you’re looking for a renter or space and that SpaceTogether is a safe platform to build that connection.
  • Chat with other business owners. Whether they’re in the same industry as you or not, business owners know other business owners, and you never know who is looking for what you have or vice versa. One of the coolest aspects of space sharing is that you’re not limited to sharing space with someone from the same industry. 

  • Word-of-mouth is king. It always has been, and it may always stay this way. Sharing your situation (whether you have space or need it) with your team, congregation, community, friends, family, etc., is one of the strongest ways to create conversation in your network about sharing space. This also means using your network when someone else is ready to share space as well!

Sharing space is one of the leading ways to lower your overhead and create a more sustainable business model for your organization, and it gets even easier when you utilize your network.


Before You Go

Networking is more powerful than you realize and can help you get connected faster to the right people and situation. We hope this blog will help you build and utilize your network. 

As always, the SpaceTogether team is here to help you get started and answer any questions you have. Feel free to send us an email or DM.

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