How Renters Can Apply to a Shared Space

By Lauren Wade

Alright, you’ve found a space you like. It’s time to apply!

On the posting you’re interested in, click “Apply.” From there, you’ll be directed to an autocompleted application. We use the information from a renter profile to get the application started!

From there, confirm that information on each of these steps is correct:

Step 1: About You

This is your first impression! Make sure the information is clear.

Step 2: About Your Needs for Flexible Space

Ensure that the days and times you need shared space is still correct, also verify that your budget is correct,

Step 3: Verification

This is a great time to fill out additional verification levels. This information is one of the most important pieces to Space Providers on SpaceTogether. Don’t worry, we don’t pass your personal information to them, they can just see that our system verified it.

Let’s confirm everything is correct

Once you’ve checked and edited all of the information, you can jump into reviewing the application. Just do a check to make sure the information is correct, and when you’re ready, click “Submit My Application.”

All of your past applications and their current status can be found at this link. It’s important to note that when your application is accepted, you will not be charged; applications are the first step in the process of finding the right flexible space for your organization.

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