Here's the Low Down: The Space Sharing Agreement is Here

By Lauren Wade

Growing an organization isn’t easy.

Because we have a team to manage, clients to attend to, marketing to create, emails to send, and anything else that’s still sitting on your task list from two weeks ago. It’s a lot.

At the same time, it’s hard to ignore every blog post that tells us how to grow: from marketing hacks to automation. It’s overwhelming.

We were in your shoes, our organization (a church) had to figure out how to build and grow a sustainable organization. That’s when we learned that we could cover 60%-100% of our overhead at any given time with space sharing.

That’s where SpaceTogether comes in.

Over the past couple of months, our team has worked on a Space Sharing license agreement in addition to the SpaceTogether platform to help you maximize your underutilized space.

The Space Sharing License Agreement is a great way for you as a Space Provider to:

  • 🦄Create a customized license to fit your needs (Hello, House Rules!)
  • 📝This is not a lease it’s a license, so it’s faster, easier and more flexible for you
  • 🏢Maintain control of your space

So, are you ready to take a peek and see how the license can work for you? Download your Space Sharing License at this link.

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