Finding Space for a Growing Organization

By Becca Chiaravalle

It’s a blessing to watch your organization or business grow. The downside? Needing to find the right space for your growing organization.

While you will likely get better at finding the right space with each move, it’s still not easy, and it’s also not fun.

At least that’s been our experience, so we compiled all of the tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to form a list to help you get into your next space. Here’s what we learned.

Finding Space for Your Growing Organization


What amenities do you want in your next space? More importantly, which ones do you need? From parking to air conditioning to furnishings, think about what the most valuable amenities are for your team and clientele.



Do you consistently work with the community? Or are you looking for a specific clientele? Location plays a huge role in choosing a space for your team as well as your organization as a whole. 

Team size: 

How many people are on your team? How many teams do you have? The size of your staff affects how much physical space you need, so consider space size for the team you have as well as the potential to bring on new members.


Budget is one of the most important aspects of the search for most organizations. For the ones who believe it isn’t one of the most important pieces, well, keep in mind that the financial highs of your organization don’t last forever. The ebb and flow of cash can make a costly lease a regret.


Flexibility and Time: 

How long do you need a lease for? This determines the level of flexibility you need. If you're unsure of a five-year lease, then know that it's not your only option. Consider using SpaceTogether to help you find a lease that’s flexible for all of your needs.

The actual search:

There are many platforms available to find a lease if you’re hoping to not have to hop in your car and drive all over for “For Lease” signs. There are pros and cons to both, from safety and reliability to signing a lease in your desired time frame. Keep these aspects in mind as you utilize different platforms.


Knowing what you want compared to what is actually available is key in your search. It’s important to determine what you want, but it’s also as valuable to do the work to determine cost, size, amenities, etc for the spaces available. Having realistic goals will help you get into a good space even quicker.


Before You Go

We hope you gained some insight for your next search, and remember that SpaceTogether is here to help you find the best space for your needs. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, let us know.

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