Finding a New Office Space

By Becca Chiaravalle

Sometime in early to mid 2020, your boss called a meeting for the entire office and with a little uncertainty, said that things were going to shut down for a few weeks, maybe even a month. Maybe it seemed like a relief to work remotely for a month. Pajamas? Nice. Throw in a load of laundry at 1pm after your zoom meeting? So productive. No one thought those few weeks were going to turn into a year of waiting and wondering when the world was going to tilt the way it’s supposed to.

And the thing is, the world still isn’t the way we once perceived it, but one thing we all know is that our dining room or the spare bedroom just isn’t cutting it anymore. Sure, it’s been comfortable on the days we’ve wanted to wear flannel pajamas or take the dog for a walk on our lunch break. But the separation of work and home has become increasingly more valued and important as the pandemic has drastically altered how we live our lives. Now that most places in the United States are opening back up, it’s time to rethink your makeshift home office and get into a space that’s more comfortable and suited for stability and productivity. Let’s dive into why this is important and how you can get started!


Working from home

We get it. We’ve been doing it too. Now that we’re back in the office though, we’re reminded of why it was so important to have a designated work space to begin with. Having a real workspace outside of the house is important for so many reasons, but here are some of the top reasons you should leave that spare bedroom for hobbies and guests.

  1. Focus: Having the ability to focus without distraction is a key factor in productivity. A disruption in focus can be internal or external. For example, an internal disruption of focus is knowing that the dishwasher didn’t get run overnight or that the clothes pile is absurdly high. It’s your workday and your workspace, but you’re still going to think about the things you need to do around the house (much more than you’d be thinking about it in the office). An external disruption is just as commonplace. Amazon, FedEx, and USPS are all knocking on your door to leave packages; your neighbor wants to know if you’ll move your car because they’re getting a new fridge delivered (not just me, right?); it’s trash day; your dog had an accident; your kids are also on Zoom calls; the internet is out again; why isn’t there any possible way to get a minute of silence? Okay, maybe it’s not that bad for everyone, but the external factors of working from home are disruptive in ways the office doesn’t compare.

  2. Habits: If you’ve gotten up every workday, Monday through Friday, and gotten ready as if you’re going into the office, raise your hand. No hands? I’m not judging. I lost count of the days I treated the workday normally many, many months ago. Our home space isn’t designed to be our workspace too, and that’s one of the reasons our work habits didn’t make the cut into our everyday, pandemic lifestyle. Since the beginning of the pandemic, published studies have shown that treating the workday normally, as you would have before, is one of the best ways to stay productive and resilient. No one told us how incredibly difficult that was going to be though, did they? Some days showering and brushing before your first Zoom call just didn’t happen, and that’s okay, but remember that this would never happen if you had to physically go into the office. Having a normal commute to a physical destination reinforces those habits that keep us productive and mentally (and hygienically) well.

  3. Separation of work and home: Like I mentioned above, the two are not designed to be one in the same. If it were designed as such, the most diligent of us would work all day and night, and the most lazy of us would be on our eighteenth run of The Office. Again, I’m not judging. The pandemic has left many of us feeling like we never leave the house/office, which can have a critical effect on our well-being. Have you ever spent the night at the office? How about every night? Not likely, right? Imagine the mental toll that would take on your body. Well, that’s similar to what we’ve been doing by working from home. On the flip side, home life easily blends into work life when it’s happening just outside of that door. Your child knocks on the door because they can’t get into their class, but you’re in the middle of the zoom meeting (another one of those distractions we were just talking about), and while your coworkers are genuinely understanding, it can leave you frustrated that all of this work and home life chaotically blends together, completely out of your control.


Between the inability to truly focus, maintain good habits, and separate home and work life, working out of your makeshift home office just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s time to level up and find an affordable, creative solution.

Space Sharing (not with your family)

There are hundreds of offices in your city. From the artsy brick building downtown, to your local church down the street, there are offices tucked away in buildings you wouldn’t have thought about. That’s where we come in. These businesses with unused space contact us and we advertise their space on our platform. You, a person in need of a quality space, are able to check out these spaces to find an office space that fits your needs. 

Let’s briefly talk about how versatile spaces are in your community. Churches, gyms, studios, and other general buildings, often have offices (or rooms that are easily transformed into fantastic workspaces) that go unused. Churches especially are a goldmine for office space. These options are far more affordable than leasing a contract for an office for years at a time. 

This is called space sharing: you rent a space that’s primarily being used for something else by someone else. This is ideal when you need an office that’s not your dining room, and they have a space that sits unused. Not only does this solve your most basic problems of having a home office, but it immerses you into your community, where you can interact with other professionals. Let’s be honest, it’s nice to see people after spending so long on Zoom calls, right?


Let us help you get started. It’s quick and simple to begin, and you can start your search for your next office. Ready? Register on our site, check out our social media, or send us an email with any questions you might have. 

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