New Payment Structure Coming Your Way

Payment processing changes coming to SpaceTogether in the coming weeks.

By Lauren Wade

Q1 2019 Updates - Posting Changes for Providers

Hello, People of SpaceTogether! Just like your organization, we’re always looking for ways to grow as a resource that helps people. With feedback from users, we’ve implemented some major product changes that will make your lives easier. Our product update lies in three major areas: how you set up your ...

By Brett Farrow

What is Flexible Space?

Do you find yourself utterly confused by the different terms used to describe space sharing? We clear it all up in this blog post.

By Becca Chiaravalle

Make Your Space Work For You... Not the Other Way Around

A year ago, we started building a platform to support businesses with commercial space. As we’ve worked with various users from across multiple industries, we’ve realized the opportunity we have in equipping businesses to find the right space.

By Brett Farrow

How to Launch Your Business for a Lot Less Than You Think

SpaceTogether exists to level the playing field when it comes to start-ups and launching your own business. For a long time now, starting a business has been a privilege that too few could afford to pursue. One of the biggest issues has been that commercial property just costs too much...

By Sam Entwistle

Owning a Gym can Be Profitable with Gym Sharing

Chris owns and coaches Team Underground Fight Center, a gym for mixed martial arts. He holds three training sessions per day, and then shuts the doors. When walking out to his car one evening, he wondered how much he really pays for his space. After looking through his accounts he ...

By Sam Entwistle