I Just Received An Application. Now What?

First off, congrats! There’s a space renter in your community who’s interested in your space. The best thing to do is to take a peek at their application. Since you have not accepted and paid for this lead, we show you a portion of their information to qualify them. Without ...

By Lauren Wade

How Renters Can Apply to a Shared Space

Alright, you’ve found a space you like. It’s time to apply! On the posting you’re interested in, click “Apply.” From there, you’ll be directed to an autocompleted application. We use the information from a renter profile to get the application started! From there, confirm that information on each of these ...

By Lauren Wade

Creating a Renter Profile

Let's get your renter profile completed. It's a 5-minute process!

By Lauren Wade

Simplify Space Sharing with SpaceTogether

Hello there SpaceTogether fam! We hope the start of this year has been incredible and you’re reaching your goals in Q2. At SpaceTogether, we’ve had a lot to do in this quarter. Initially, we built SpaceTogether focused on helping people connect and share space. We offered payment processing as the ...

By Lauren Wade

New Payment Structure Coming Your Way

Payment processing changes coming to SpaceTogether in the coming weeks.

By Lauren Wade

What to Do Once Your Booking is Complete

Have you completed a booking? Congratulations! Here's what is next.

By Becca Chiaravalle