The 5 Habits of High-Growth Church Leaders

Have you ever wondered how the high-growth church leaders have gotten where they are? Well, we've compiled a list of answers for you.

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Here's the Low Down: The Space Sharing Agreement is Here

Hey, Space Providers, meet your new space-sharing best friend, the Space Sharing License.

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Church Sharing: The Missing Piece in Your Church Plant

Are you looking to move your church into a bigger space? Read this before signing a lease.

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Reutilize Your Unused Church Space

If you're looking to lower your overhead or connect with your community, find out what churches can do with unused church space!

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Space Sharing for Church Growth

Growing your church can be incredibly difficult; this is why space sharing is the solution.

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How to Stretch Your Dollar for Church Growth

As a pastor, you may feel your church budget is restricting your church growth, but we've got a few ways you can stretch your dollar.

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