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01 Story

The beginning

We had space, one we committed to for 5 years without any guarantee about where our non-profit was going to go. But, hey, we signed it anyways! Our team moved in, slapped some paint on the walls, and started working. Then we realized we were paying to use all of our space 24/7, yet we were using 60% of the space and only 60% of the time. Houston, we have a problem.

At first, we used things like Craigslist to find people who wanted to share our space with us. It was amazing to be a part of multiple business’ growths, and bonus, we were able to cover 65% of our overhead. But, we knew Craigslist was not the most reliable way to share space. That’s when SpaceTogether started.

Justin Knapp, CEO

02 Why

Make your space work for you… not the other way around.

We believe that your ideas are worth trying; that your dream is worth pursuing; that our communities grow when more businesses succeed. SpaceTogether exists to foster connections between people looking for space (think freelancers, new churches, and small offices) and organizations with underutilized commercial space (think an office with an extra conference room, a commercial kitchen, even a church). When your company succeeds, we succeed.

03 Team

We’re here to help businesses. Simple as that.

With a knack for building things and finding better ways, and our team is dead set on helping businesses. Our product is something we needed as business owners when we had too much-underutilized space and not enough money.

Justin Knapp


Brett Farrow


Raynard Chaney

Customer Success

Becca Chiaravalle

Content & Social Media